Datashock – Status Blöd – Modus Dummheit – Cassette

Released for Weekend at Bergie’s Tour.


The goofy gang is back again! The ramshackle aesthetics of the the colorful collective restored and ready to go:
the bartending pimps, the biker-boots-brothers, the kraut-couple and their Hessian hired gun. Beware!
They’re armed with loads of psychedelic rhythms and lysergic blues to make you flip, flop and fly!


All 4 tracks are Outtakes from the upcoming “Keine Oase in Sicht” 2xLP on Dekorder, which will be released in fall 2013.

Limited to 100 copies. Pro fullcolor printed 3 panel fold cover.

Coffee flavoured inlay sheet. Black tapes with gold print. aight!

Released for “Weekend at Bergies” Tour


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