Schrein – S/T CDR

70 CDR – 70 unique poster!

A shrine is considered to be a home to divine beings, and this Schrein is indeed a hideout  for the outrageous trinity of Ruth-Maria Adam,  Ronnie Oliveras and Bastian Hagedorn.
They joined forces and collected all sorts of  mundane objects, self-built and cheap instruments to make a joyful noise! The purpose is to revive  neglected musical avant-garde traditions of times past for a bright future to come! In order to FREE THE MUSIC AND KEEP IT ALIVE nothing is sacred and everything’s possible! SCHREIN: a sonic utopia for the brave and young at heart!

- Holger Adam




Limited to 70 copies.
3 tracks on cdr, Each copy comes with a unique & handmade a3 poster.
Recorded 2012 by Bastian Hagedorn.

Schrein is:
Ruth-Maria Adam
Bastian Hagedorn
Ronnie Oliveras





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