Datashock – Keine Oase in Sicht – 2LP

Full colour reverse gatefold cover. Full colour insert and download code inside. Plus a 2 x A2 Poster! each limited to 100 copies

Keine Oase in Sicht

There is no oasis in sight. What to do? Walk on. Slowly, perhaps, but steadily. Unswervingly. Ten years after the invention of „New Weird America“ (D. Keenan) and the „return of the collective“ (D. Diedrichsen), Datashock, who are now in their eleventh year, are still exploring „the space of nomadic sounds“ and looking for old sources of fresh sounds, unfazed by contemporary musical mirages.

The sun may still be burning down mercilessly in late capitalism, blinding our eyes and making our limbs heavy, but this horde from Saarland keeps on treading, doing their thing. They are incomparable, indescribable, incorruptible. Their eyes fixated on the eternally dwindling horizon, their antennae tuning in to the never-ending cosmos, they are moving forwards and upwards, leaving behind the remains of scenester to their left, and to their right the mummified bodies of the lost souls who followed false prophets on the wrong path to paradise. The beauty of the desert is deceiving, and to stand one’s ground in it is no small feat, but the dirty dozen from the „Saarvannah“ is undeterred: they are aware of the dangers lurking behind the next dune and they are determined to continue their journey. Whereto? To the mecca of magic melodies, the shrines of mind-expanding sounds, to the sanctuary of musical friendship, and the Dionysian temples of love and excess!

No oasis in sight? Not a problem. This cosmic caravan is ready and well-equipped with sounds and the knowledge of their elders to continue on their path full of deprivation. Datashock know where they are from, and they know where not to go in order not to lose their way. Even if you cannot see them, they are there. They are calling from the desert, can you hear them?

Holger Adam (testcard / Phantom Limbo)
Translation: Heike Mißler

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Poster Bundle II

posters are printed on 170gsm matt coated paper on A2 (59,4 x 42 cm /16,54 x 23,39 inch) in a 4color offset print.

each limited to 100 copies

Postage is higher because the Posters will be send out rolled.

Design by Daniel Fuchs





Left: Family Poster, Right: Girl Poster

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Tracklist01. Mudschahidin der Liebe (13:48)
02. Keine Oase in Sicht (06:30)
03. Der verschleierte Helm des Pharaooze (04:03)
04. Obsidian Karavan und die acht Drachmen (11:46)
05. Rubinregen aus der spirituellen Sphäre (06:45)
06. Fanta Morgana (07:00)
07. Ekstase der Wahrheit (03:39)
08. Her mit dem Kelch, (das) hier muss es sein (04:42)
09. Tod in der Saarvanne (04:23)
10. Desert Lustgerte, Goldnougat Gobi (06:59)
11. Vor den Toren von Gewas (13:24)All tracks performed live by:
Ruth-Maria Adam, Christian Berghoff, Sebastian Haas, Pascal Hector, Jan Stütz, Ronnie Oliveras, Jan Werner.

Recorded friday the 13th & saturday the 14th january 2012
at the Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt by Jan Stütz.
Mixed in the first quarter of 2013 by Ronnie Oliveras & Jan Stütz,
Logo: Cone The Weird
Photos: Marion Meilgen & Daniel Fuchs
Coverartwork: Daniel Fuchs & Pascal Hector




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